Truffle Chocolate

Chocolate is one of life’s greatest joys and pleasures. Its rich consistency and distinctive flavours appeal to everyone, whether a sweet tooth or not. Our handcrafted chocolates are full of delight and are the best way to treat someone special or even yourself!

Mint Truffle :

Truffle chocolates are a range of mouth watering center filled balls with flavours that will delight your soul

Mint Truffle - The finest truffle with the fresh zest of mint is bound to give you and your guests the hours of dining pleasure.

Coffee Truffle - If you’re looking for something that wakes you up in the morning, try something that will perk both your body and taste buds.

Chocolate Truffle - The finest truffle carefully covered in the finest of chocolates. Feel free to indulge.

Toffee truffle - : Try our chewy variety of truffles for a new taste sensation.

Hazelnut truffle - Truffles combined with the rustic taste of hazel nuts you can almost smell the forest and newly fallen rain.

Raspberry truffle - : The sweet and tangy taste of raspberry make up your mind and warm your body.

Almond Truffle - : Caramelized Almonds and Oregon Hazelnut and praline all enrobed in dark chocolate and lightly dusted with cocoa powder.

Extra Bittersweet Truffle - : An extra bittersweet dark chocolate ganache featuring a hint of sweetness followed by very slight bitter tones .

Ultimate Milk Truffle - : Blend of Milk and semi-sweet chocolate truffles, coated with nibs of milk chocolate.

Coconut Truffle - : TBlend of milk and dark chocolate mixed truffles with coconut cream and coated with coconut tiny flakes

Orange Truffle : Dark chocolate truffles with the sweet taste of Floridian oranges coated with pure cocoa.

Heavenly Vanilla : Pure dark chocolate truffles flavored with Tahitian vanilla coated with nibs of white chocolate.

Walnut Truffle : Walnut: dark chocolate ganache mixed with bits of caramelized walnuts.

Almond Truffle : Almond: dark chocolate ganache with a caramelized almond on top

Cocoa :Dark triple chocolate ganache sprinkled with unsweetened chocolate powder.

Lemon : Dark chocolate ganache infused with Lemon

Cinnamon : Dark chocolate ganache mixed with cinnamon coated in dark chocolate.